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By Effective Connect Team 01 Apr, 2017

Your calendar is booked, you’re successfully communicating with clients and partners, your sales are booming, and you’re feeling great about the bustling nature of your business. In the midst of the excitement, however, you may find that you’ve placed one thing to the wayside.

What’s that? Your email list. The one you eagerly developed and focused on before it was put on the backburner.

At first, sending out product updates and communications was more of an exciting marketing tool. Now it seems like an extra, menial task. If you feel this way about your email list, you’re not alone.

The illusive email list is often found lost to the wayside, having been forgotten for months or even longer. That email list has gone cold, no longer presenting warm leads. Where do you start in warming it up?

Don’t Just Send Out Any Email

It is very seldom you’ll find yourself in a situation wherein a hastily sent email is a good idea. That holds true in regard to your cold email list.

Since you haven’t communicated with the list for several months, you run the risk of having your email marked as spam by servers running on Gmail or Yahoo if you send out any old email. This means that future emails sent by you are more likely to go straight to the spam folder, falling victim to the auto-sort and remaining unseen by your target audience.

Additionally, you don’t want to draw attention to your lack of communication. While a cold email list is not an uncommon phenomenon for any company, the fact that you haven’t reached out for several months could prove to be a negative impact on your image.

Narrow Down Your List

After deciding that you’ll commit time to maintaining and monitoring your email list in the future, look through the contacts and determine which are the most appropriate to reach out to in the next step. Consider using an application such as Mailchimp to keep your lists orderly, organized, and up to date.

While you should keep in touch with contacts such as current clients and partners, others on your list may not be suitable. Those who haven’t opened previous emails or are not directly related to the industry may be confused by your reaching out and determine that they are certainly no longer interested.

Start Out with a Targeted, Personable Email Campaign  

Personalization of your communications will not only help to warm up your chilly email list, but will help to keep it robust with subscribers. An email should never be to all, but should be to each individual subscriber.

By communicating to your reader that you’ve been so busy with the success that you haven’t had a chance to reach out, you’re acknowledging the gap in time. With expressions of your success, however, you’re communicating personally that this silence has not been in vein.

Get to the Point

According to studies , 61% of users will leave a mobile site if they don’t find what they’re looking for immediately. Yes, this includes your email.

While you should aim for a personable air, remember that your client hasn’t heard from you in a while. Make sure you remind them who you are, what you do, and why you’re contacting them.

Let them know exactly what you want them to know- and do it quickly. Your call to action can be expressed through logos, infographics, and even just to-the-point text.

Give Your Subscribers a Reason To Stay

Your clientele wants to know why exactly they should stay subscribed. Give them that reason in an open and direct manner. A discount, an air of excitement, or promise of opportunity are some great ways to keep your reader interested in what your company has to offer.

Don’t Waste Your Opportunity

Hundreds, possibly thousands of contacts have opened their inboxes to you. Taking advantage of the ability to reach out to your clientele is important not only to your communications, but to your public image. Make sure you take the time to craft the perfect email that allures, interests, and excites your clientele.

But Don’t Fret: You’re Not Alone

Making the mistake of letting an email list go cold is more common than you would think. As brands grow, the people behind the lists get busy. While warming up a list isn’t the easiest task, remaining personable and knowing your audience can ensure that you’ll have some success in turning things around. Growth is on the horizon.

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