Effective Connect provides B2B companies with a unique tool to supercharge your outbound efforts. Moving beyond targeting by static profile elements like title or company size, we can show you who is engaging with content that is relevant to your company – intelligence delivered to your inbox automatically, without any time or work from you.

Proprietary Database Machine Learning:
We then combine these leads with the human algorithm to introduce and qualify your lead.

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Find people who are interested...
...based on what they're posting.

All of us who have been in sales understand that closing the deal is hard, but it's a bit harder when the timing is off. We have bridged that gap. Through reverse social tracking; we find what people are talking about on social media when they're ready to buy... by looking backwards at what people who have purchased were posting 30, 45, 60 days in the past.

We look for those posts - that your next lead is posting today.

Then we send you the social media links and contact information for each of them.
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